Meditation helps combat stress

Western scientists are proving that meditation helps combat stress and benefits immunity, as well as the soul. MRI scans show that meditation can physically change the brain’s neuron system and stimulate the areas associated with compassion and empathy, showing that certain human qualities can be cultivated through mental training. mandalas_for_meditation

A meditation teacher could be essential to our overall wellbeing

Meditation is a way to train our brains. We spend years learning to read and write or professional skills beacuse we feel they will benefit us in the long run. Working with the mind follows the same logic.

It can improve your quality of life

We spend alot of time trying to improve the external conditions of our lives, but in the end it’s the mind that creates our experience of the world and translates it into wellbeing or suffering. If we transform our way of perceiving things(via meditation) we can transform the quality of our lives.

Twenty minutes a day can change your life

Meditating first thing in the morning has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, and risk depression. It can also improve your ability to focus, lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

You can get it on the NHS

If you’ve had depression, the eight week course can reduce the likelihood of you developing the condition again by 30 per cent.

The mind is like a unruly monkey

It ties itself into knots the more it jumps around. People think that to control the mind is to put it in shackles, but it’s the ultimate freedom.

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