Yoga for stress relief

It seems that lots of people in recovery from stress related diseases take to yoga. For some, it may be because yoga is a form of exercise that doesn’t seem like exercise. It can be passed off as meditation. But, lots of us stay with yoga. Yoga demands surrender which I think we all crave.


There is structure in the poses, but the ultimate goal is freedom. That’s the challenge  surrendering to the poses, not doing them better than everyone else. When I started yoga I was consious of what everyone around me. I wanted to be just as flexible as them. Often, I practice alone so there is nobody on the next mat. It’s about me and where I’m at with my body on that particular day.

I still fall in balancing poses, and I usually laugh when I do. I’m more forgiving of my body and myself even if your a teacher everyday is a learning experience. I feel I am  more good-humored because of yoga. It’s different everyday. You may set out with a specific goal in mind, but it can change along the way. Much like life itself.

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