Sometimes people often reason that they are too busy to go to the gym or work out at home. These people are at risk to various diseases caused by stress and sedentary lifestyle. As we know exercise helps the body cope with the stress of everyday life, as well as improve overall health. However, the demands of our daily lives increase rapidly as time goes by. These demands take away our time to take care of our health. One to one yoga sessions are the perfect solution.


The good thing about Yoga is that you can do it anywhere. You can do it in your office, in your room, or perhaps even in your car or inside the bus on your way home. For someone who is too busy at work, you can also do Yoga in your desk during your break.

Practicing in the morning will help you revitalize your mind and body, keep you energized and ready for work.Yoga one to one sessions are becoming increasingly popular to practice first thing in the morning to set people up before they make there morning commute.

Try this two minute shoulder opening exercise to help you stay centered on the tube –

  • Inhale – relax the shoulders, bringing them forward
  • Exhale – bring the shoulders back
  • Continue for five more breaths, close your eyes if it helps you focus.
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  2. Super cool

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