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Establishing a rhythm can be easy at home. But when you’re travelling, that rhythm will change, which can alter your whole yoga practice. To set yourself at ease on any journey, learn how to ground yourself.

Staying grounded away from home really comes down to being mindful and centered regardless of changing environments. When you’re grounded, you breathe well, digest well, and concentrate on the present well.

In other words, you enjoy each moment to its fullest. While that can be tough on the road, the beautiful thing is you don’t have stick to your routine. Why not try a couple of these ideas out?

Create a harmonious space. Cluttered surroundings can make you feel unbalanced and anxious. Unpack your belongings as soon as you arrive and take the time to arrange your room so it feels comfortable.

Invigorate with oil. Like candles, essential oils stimulate the sense of smell, which can influence how you feel. Add two drops to a bath or mix a few drops with almond, olive, or sunflower oil and massage into your skin.

Detach from results. It’s natural to harbor dreams of perfection when you travel, because you’ve invested time, money, and effort. But when a mishap does occur—like missing a connecting flight or getting sick — just take a break

Modify Your usual Yoga Routine. You may not have the time, space, or energy for your full yoga practice, but sticking to some form of it will make you feel better. Try to meditate for a few minutes, and practice mostly standing yoga poses.

Most of all enjoy every moment of your travelling adventure. Even the moments in between the big tourist sites, sharing a cup of tea or simply meditating, they can be the most magical and memorable times.

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