Yoga Holidays – Being a responsible tourist

When we jet off to our yoga holidays with our enviromental mat in hand do we really consider how to be a responsible tourist? If you would like some ideas on how to be a green traveller then read on.
Responsible Tourism – the challenge

1. Responsible tourism still continues to engage only a niche audience of travellers passionate about the big issues
2. Misconception that Responsible Tourism is only about the serious issues, and is not also an enjoyable way to travel
3. Post-Copenhagen apathy has lead to confusion over what Responsible Tourism is and how to take enjoyable responsible holidays
Yoga Wellbeing’s Intention

1. Engage a new audience of travellers bored with prescription travel and bland holiday experiences
2. Remind travellers that rebellion and enjoyment are at the heart of Responsible Tourism
Say no to offsets, yes to reduction – The challenge

1. Carbon offsetting provides a dangerous distraction from the real need to reduce our carbon emissions
2. Lack of acceptance in the industry that we need to reduce our carbon emissions and fly less, rather than offsetting

Yoga Wellbeing’s Intention

1. Encourage travellers to say no to offsetting, yes to reduction
2. Inform travellers about the importance of flying less as a key element of a lower carbon lifestyle
3. Remind travellers that when they do fly, to ‘make it count’, by using our carbon comparison flight search, and promoting travel experiences that benefit local communities and the environment

Find out about aviation and our carbon caution – The challenge

Increasingly, travellers are concerned about the impacts of their holidays, and want practical advice about how to travel responsibly.

Yoga Wellbeing’s Intention

Advise travellers on how to get more from their travel experiences while being able to give something back to local communities and the environment.
Let us know if you have any colouful ideas or stories about your yoga holidays and how you travelled responsibly.
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