What are the benefits of one to one yoga sessions?

What are the benefits of one to one yoga sessions?

  • Fundamentals of yoga
  • How to do a specific posture
  • Adjusting to in juries
  • Progression in your practiceyoga3
  • Stress reduction
  • Specific alignment corrections
  • Progression in your practice

A forty five minutes practice a day

A regular daily practice is the cornerstone of yoga. A yoga practice every day sustained over time is far more effective than longer yoga practices done now and again. Of course, longer yoga practices can yield more powerful results, done regularly. A life enhancing practice can take as little as 45 minutes a day. Your yoga practice will be fitted to suit your current situation. Over time we can alter the yoga practice and progress step by step towards your goals. A daily yoga practice is a enriching experience. Also, one to one yoga sessions create an opportunity to correct problems that have arisen in class and have perhaps gone unnoticed.

A step towards overall Wellbeing

A yoga practice develops according to a plan. It progresses in steps, and will be constantly refined and reassessed over time. In this way we can improve fitness and wider health, but also address specific health matters and injuries. Yoga done in this way, will help to heal lifestyle issues, practical and psychological problems. The solutions offered to these problems are based on teachings found in the yoga scriptures and alive in this rich tradition of teachers, through our experience, insight and intuition. There is a supportive network of other highly experienced teachers who are applying yoga in this way.

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