London Yoga – International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day, takes place every year on the 8th of October and it is marked simultaneously in myoga-wellbeing-london2any places throughout the world. This year it will be celebrated in unison, in cities such as; London, Berlin, Bucharest, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmo.

The International Yoga Day program will be a shared event with other schools of Yoga and Meditation are based in Copenhagen. The event is open to all people: practitioners from all the disciplines of  yoga meditation, beginners and newcomers!

The day will consist in a series of lectures and presentations on various subjects regarding the practice and theory of  yoga, plus yoga-sessions from  the different disciplines of yoga. The events will be kept by the teachers and representatives of the various yoga schools. There will also be a panel debate with Questions & Answers, and the end of the yoga day will culminate with a spiritual show.

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