Yoga in London for Cyclists

Being a keen daily cyclist and a yoga teacher, I am often wondering how many London cyclists actually stretch out their cycling muscles.


I wonder like me, if in the dark Winter months you stay in bed for a little bit longer so when you get to work, there is no chance for a stretch, and when you get home in the dark all you want to do is cook dinner or relax.

To keep the balance in the body it is important to counter stretch the cyclists position, which I fondly refer to as the prawn position – hunched forward, shoulders, abs, hips, wrists and neck short and tight. The neck and digestive areas have such important functions they do deserve a stretch out every few days. (Lance Armstrong takes yoga classes twice a week!)

So Yoga Wellbeing have put together some top 3 yoga stretches for you to incorporate into your well rounded yoga practice:

  • Downward facing dog
  • Pidgeon pose
  • Low lunge

Yoga Wellbeing would love to hear from you so give the stretches a go and let us know if they helped you stretch into your super speedy pedalling.

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