Yoga Wellbeing in Regent’s Park

Yes yoga folks the chance to get bendy in Regent’s Park is finally here. I am really excited about seeing everyone enjoying taking part in the very first Yoga in the Park. Whopppee. The weather god is smiling on us because it looks like a lovely English summer’s day out there.

It felt very natural and relaxed to see everyone doing yoga in the park. Everyone slipped into the relaxation pose very easily, I could see all the Monday tension disappear. We had a bit of a canine encounter, Monica was mid Warrior pose when she got her leg licked by a little terrier. I thought of bringing a couple of bonios, the premier dog biscuit, but they will probably come back next week. Everyone had a bit of a chuckle after the laughter stopped we got on with the yoga.

We worked on the legs and arms this week and everyone commented how they felt they had definitely worked some of the muscles they hadn’t used for a while. One of the girl’s commented it should help her to banish her bingo wings, for all of you who not down with the term it means the fat underneath the arms. Watch this space for more tales from the green land.


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