Have some fun with yoga

At the yoga show back in November I really enjoyed watching the acrobatic yoga feats. Acro yoga is a new craze that is growing across the Atlantic. A smacro-yogaall crowd of spectators oohs and ahhs over their breathtaking moves. This “flying” looks like fun, so I jump in and have a go.

My new friend becomes my base: He’s on his back, feet up in the air, and I lean over and lay my torso on his feet, ready to play airplane like a kid.  Before I know it, I’m in the Bound Angle Pose, but upside down.

The transition is thrilling. I’m not sure how I flip over, but now his feet are on my low back, my head near his chest, my feet on the level of his knees. I’m grabbing my ankles in the Bow Pose, but since I’m upside down. It’s very relaxing and liberating.

I’ve just gotten a taste of one form of fun being had by yogis who are letting loose—combining their love of asana with a passion for off-the-mat physical activities like circus arts, theater, dance, and outdoor adventure. These new yogic art forms—AcroYoga cultivate trust, connection, and playfulness. One thing I always try to remember when practicing is not to take it to seriously and to laugh as much as possible. Acro-yoga is a good reminder to make sure you keep that same playfulness in your own practice.

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