Here comes the sun!

You would not believe it ladies and gents. The sun was out and I am sure it’s here to stay for Yoga In The Park. It was a lovely evening at Brockwell Park for stretching our bodies and quieting the mind. The sun was just coming down in savasana and the park was full of people relaxing and soaking up every last bit of sun.

Brockwell parks needs more bendy people! Take some time to connect with your breath, increase your flexibility and relax. Whilst absorbing the sun and fresh air. I bring the equipment some mats and blankets (if it gets a bit on the chilly side) So come along and sit under a tree to revitalise your body and mind.  We are holding new classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings 9:30 – 10:30am meeting at Herne Hill entrance. No previous experience needed, all ages and levels welcome.

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