Yoga ladies needed!

Have you ever been shopping for sportswear, only to get home  try it on and be disappointed?  Experience shows that for ladies at least the choice of stylish well made outfits is slim on the ground.  You normally have to head to one of those huge sports shops staffed by spotty teenagers who don’t care (we were all there at one time).

Sweaty Betty has moved the game forwards with its knowledgeable staff and excellent ranges for yoga, the gym, the beach and for skiing.  I was thinking again about this a couple of weeks back, when by magic an email appeared from the people at Marks and Spencer.  On the Wednesday 7th October 2009 from 5.15pm-7.00pm they will be running a Yoga focus group and asked if I would come along, bringing a few of our lovely customers or blog readers with me.  This is top opportunity to shape what products make it into their future yoga ranges, so if you’d like to stop having to head over to Super Dooper Sports Mega Warehouse why not come along?  If you fancy it, drop me a line by leaving a comment below.

Here’s the map:


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