They can become a Yoga ★
With kids yoga classes
Help your children discover the joy of yoga

What is yoga for kids?

It is important for all children to take part in some form of physical exercise. The techniques used in yoga are an excellent way to improve a child’s strength and flexibility. Kids can start from as young as two or three years of age and it is something they can continue to enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Yoga for Kids Yoga Wellbeing

How do kids benefit from yoga?

  • Cope better with everyday pressures like tests and exams
  • Become more accepting of themselves and others
  • Combat insomnia or disturbed sleeping patterns
  • Develop enhanced self-awareness
  • Feel more energised and calm
  • Specific therapeutic benefits for injury or illness

Yoga for children 3 to 11 years of age

Children within this age group are naturally creative, yoga offers them the opportunity to use their imagination and develop their self-expression. It can offer them a different perspective on the various topics that they are learning at school.
Yoga does not necessarily need to be a designated as a serious activity.  Many of the techniques can be incorporated into other parts of their lives, like journeys to see relatives, or part of their warm up exercises before sports.Yoga can also become a non-competitive alternative to other sporting activities as well as provide an additional form of expression.

Yoga for 11 years of age plus

For kids approaching or entering their teenage years, yoga can also be of benefit. The importance of providing an alternative sporting activity can be crucial at this age. The postures for this age group can be taught in much the same way as an adult class but with a few games thrown in for fun. Yoga continues to provide the benefits of encouraging self-confidence, self-esteem as well as the physical benefits of improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility.

Yoga can help this age group during puberty; it increases body awareness and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Learning correct breathing and relaxation techniques can help to reduce anxiety and improve memory; a big bonus for exam time!

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