Swap your dumbbells for a yoga mat
With dynamic yoga classes
You can shed stress as well as weight

man woman exercising weights workout fitness ball

Personal training routines often share these characteristics:

  • Rapid forceful movements
  • (Therefore) higher risk of injury
  • Moderate to high calorie consumption
  • Fatigue (breathing is taxed)
  • A competitive attitude

If you think about it, this kind of exercise may not be the best way to condition your body and mind. If you have a busy and stressful job it may be more beneficial to try something without week by week goals (you have those at work!). Further more, if you are a woman looking to get into shape, you may not want to ‘bulk up’, this is the typical after-effect of even light well managed weight training routines.

Dynamic Private Yoga Classes are a Fantastic Alternative:

  • Yoga is non-competitive
  • Choreographed movements balance muscle tone
  • (And) lower risk of injury
  • Yoga requires a lower calorie intake
  • Yoga energises through controlled breathing exercisese

Dynamic Privatel Yoga Classes with Yoga Wellbeing are an ideal alternative to classic personal training sessions. After thinking about it, most of our clients tell us they are looking to de-stress, relax and energise. our personal sessions meet these needs.