Yoga for Beginners Workshop – 11/07/2018

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About this Workshop

Our Yoga for Beginners Workshop has been developed to offer a comprehensive introduction to the ancient practice of yoga.  We will give you plenty of background information on what for our team has become a way of life.  We’ll explain all about its benefits, the different styles of yoga and how its can be integrates into your twenty first century lifestyle.  We’ll devote a significant proportion of the workshop to practical lessons, where you will practice what you learn about.

These classes will give you a good indication as to whether you think yoga is for you (we think you’ll love it!), this workshop therefore a great first step before committing to regular class with one of our team.

Your Teacher

Laura founded Yoga Wellbeing after visiting Rishikesh in Northern India to study in Ashrams on the banks of the Ganges. Even though she had to dodge hyperactive monkeys and over friendly holy cows she managed to find inner peace and never looked back. Since returning from India Laura has set up Yoga Wellbeing in London. Laura is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (number R0062004) and holds a Level 3 qualification in teaching yoga.

The Studio

The Workshop will take place in a our purpose built residential studio space, which has floor to ceiling glass windows looking out onto a decked garden which borders and urban woodland.  The glass roof and underfloor heating ensure that your remain cosey whilst enjoying as much natural light as possible.

The Local Area

The studio is located in Whitstable on the North Kent coast.  Whitstable is a seaside town five miles north of  the lovely cathedral city of Canterbury and two miles west of the popular seaside town of Herne Bay.  Whitstable is famous throughout the country for its ‘Native Oysters’ which have been collected from beds beyond the low water mark from Roman times until today. This is history is celebrated throughout the annual Whitstable Oyster Festival, which takes place during the summer.

Food and Drinks

Herbal teas made with filtered water,  and various healthy light snacks will be available throughout the workshop for you to enjoy.  The included lunch will be served as a buffet and will offer various different dishes, all suitable for for Vegetarians.  There will also be vegan and gluten free options available.  Where possible all food is made with organic ingredients and sourced from local Kentish suppliers.

Flow of the Day

Start time End Time Activity Activity Description
11:00 11:30 Meet & Greet We open the workshop with informal introductions and a choice of healthy teas, juices and snacks
11:30 12:00 Talk: The History of Yoga Before we jump into the practical side of things we'll give you a bit of background on Yoga. From where it originates, the culture surrounding it, and where its heading next!
12:00 13:00 Activity: A Stimulating Yoga Practice to Start Your Day The first yoga session that we share together will focus on stimulating your body and mind. The structure of the session has been designed so that it can be easily adjusted for those mornings when you have less time on your hands!
13:00 14:00 Lunch We'll serve you a delicious and healthy lunch suitable for vegetarians,, vegans & celliacs. Please let us know if you have any further dietary requirements.
14:00 15:00 Talk: An Introduction to Meditation You'll learn about the fundamentals of meditation, such as why it is beneficial for your health and how it can benefit the wider world. We will also discuss the history of the discipline and where it sits within contemporary society
15:00 15:30 Activity: A Guided Meditation This guided meditation is something that you will be able to practice in almost any situation that you find yourself.
15:30 16:00 Talk: Integrating Yoga Within Your Overall Lifestyle This session will give incites and ideas as to how you can successfully integrate yoga within your wider life. Many people manage to do yoga on holiday or on retreat, but struggle to make their practice stick. Lets learn how to do that.
16:00 17:00 Activity: A Relaxing Yoga Practice to Close Your Day The second yoga session that we share together will focus on relaxing your body and mind for the end of the day. As with the first session the structure of the class has been designed so that it can be easily adjusted for those mornings when you have less time on your hands!
17:00 17:30 Q&A Session Questions are welcome throughout the day, but this is an opportunity for the group at large to ask questions and share to incites together.




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